About Us

We specialize in any kind of storage, it’s what we love. Whether it’s personal or business storage, long term or short term rental, at Super Easy Storage we can work out the best and perfect self storage solution for you. Our portable and mobile storage units are the easiest, the safest and also the most cost-efficient storage answer around as there is no double handling

Our self storage solutions are ideal whether you’re moving apartments, refurbishing your house, or if you simply want extra room while you’re moving items out of your home or the garden shed. We take our time to really understand your requirements and help you choose a plan that suits your storage needs, taking into consideration your budget and time schedule.


All of our storage facilities are easy to access they are fully self-contained, alarm-monitored with the added comfort of CCTV. The warehouse facilities are also completely weatherproof, the warehouse team trained to the highest standards so you can feel assured that your precious items will be kept in the safest of hands.


Our storage modules are one of the biggest and most durable on the market in New Zealand, they sit 2.6m tall allowing for even the biggest lounge or oversized items.. No item is too large that we cannot find a solution for you. With our larger storage pods it also means that we can carefully fit more items into our modules, just like a game of Tetris. The specially engineered modules are locally sourced and made from durable plywood with additional support panels for protection, which will ensure your items remain in perfect condition whilst in storage.


  • How does the Super Easy Storage system work?

    Our system has three main steps, designed for your ease and convenience.

    1. We bring a mobile storage module to your door.
    2. We can either load your belongings into the module for you (Premium service) or you can load the module yourself (Standard service).
    3. We transport the module back to our safe and secure warehouse and store it until you need it again.

    By using a mobile storage company like Super Easy Storage, you eliminate unnecessary double handling of your belongings, greatly reducing costs and the risk of damage.

  • Where do you store the modules?

    All modules are stored within our secure warehouses. We have different locations across New Zealand, which you can view on our storage locations page.

  • When can I have my goods picked up or delivered?

    Super Easy Storage is open Monday through Saturday. Generally, we have three booking times available for each day: 7:00 – 8:00 AM, 9:00AM – 12:00PM, and 12:00PM – 4:00PM.

    For available hours in your area, it is always best to contact your local Super Easy Storage as times can vary in different locations.

  • How will I pay for my rented modules?

    Ongoing payments are to be made monthly in advance from your nominated credit card on the anniversary of your move in date.

    When you first book your storage space, we require a $100.00 booking deposit to confirm. This amount is credited against your first month’s storage. On the day you move into the space, the remainder of your first month’s rent and any moving-related fees will be due.

  • What size are the storage modules?

    Super Easy Storage modules are 10m3 1.8m*2.4m*2.55m

  • Can you arrange Contents Insurance?

    We are not covered for any damage caused during removal. You can obtain moving insurance through your home and contents provider.
    Storage insurance costs $1.90 per $1000 of cover per month, with a minimum cover of $5,000. Please request the PDS for any specific information about coverage.

  • What is the difference between the Premium and Standard service?

    With the Premium service, we provide two experienced removalists, a truck and a storage module loaded with all the protective padding required to ensure your items are not damaged during transit or storage. Our removal team will do all the lifting and loading for you, you just need to have your items packed and ready to go.

    With the Standard service, we bring the storage module to your door. Your storage module(s) are ready to go in our weatherproof truck, allowing you to lift and load your belongings inside. Our driver will wait onsite while you load your items and then transport the module back to our warehouse.

  • What if I don’t need my rented storage unit or container anymore?

    Ideally contact us 7-14 days prior to the date you plan to vacate. We require a minimum notice of three business days to end any storage contract. Note that our calendar can fill up fast, so you will need to give as much notice as possible if you want to lock in your desired delivery date.

  • What is the shortest period of time I can rent a unit or module for?

    Our storage terms are very flexible, from one month to several years. If you need to rent a module for more than six months, we can offer you a more competitive rate.

  • How much does a module cost?

    The longer the storage term and the more modules you require, the cheaper the monthly rate!