Furniture Removal & Storage

We care about your furniture as much as you do. But we know how to load it safely and securely into your storage unit.

If you load your furniture into storage yourself, just one mistake can lead to your beautiful antique cabinet coming out of storage not quite as well as it went in!  Heavily lifting when not completed properly can also put pressure on your core and lead to injury which is where we can help.  

The fact is, loading and storing furniture takes a lot more than just the willingness to do it. What it really takes is having the best equipment, the right skills, and the muscle to move a full size sofa or large bureau.

All of which is why most of our customers — especially those with furniture they care about — select Supercheap Storage’s Premium Service, with a team of two expert, careful and caring loaders and movers.

Other companies often add in additional costs for things like wrapping blankets and equipment with Supercheap Storage these come as part of the job! First, we wrap your furniture in protective padding, then carefully load each piece into your portable module. We’re not done, as we also secure your furniture with more protective padding to keep it safe during transit….all at no extra cost.

Another reason to breathe easy with us: our portable modules are quality constructed of durable industrial plywood that breathes, which means moisture build-up is greatly reduced, along with the chance of mildew or moisture damaging your items. And you can sleep easy as well because your furniture will be stored in our very secure, weatherproof warehouse.

Whether you need storage in Sydney, or storage in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or Newcastle you’ve come to the right location.