The ready-made convenience that franchisees need does not have to come at an unreasonable price. First time entrepreneurs can be buoyed by the fact that the franchise opportunity Supercheap Storage brings a proven system with demonstrated success and a recognizable brand – it’s the modern way to store!

“Over the course of one year, franchise businesses have reported a success rate of 95% in contrast to the 50%-plus-percent failure rate of new independently owned businesses.” ?Michael Gerber, (business leader and renowned author, made this observation in his best-selling book The E-Myth)

Nevertheless there is always the risk of failure. Anyone looking to invest in a franchise should never do so without first completing their due diligence – general consensus being that for every $1000.00 invested, one hour is spent researching the business and industry.

Choosing to become a franchisee can markedly reduce the stress, burden and risk normally associated with any new business startup, especially within a competitive industry. Traditionally three or four major players have dominated self-storage, however franchising is making the business more approachable and is fostering a culture of innovation and success.

Ever heard “I wish we had more space”? Yes? That’s because saying it is now commonplace in Australia as population, congestion and housing prices continue to rise.

Population gains continue to outstrip new home supply and an unprecedented shortage of housing will maintain upward pressure on prices, rents and building activity. In 2013 alone, property prices in the eight capital cities increased by an average of 9.3%, (http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/mf/6416.0). Our ability to experience the great Australian dream; home ownership is under threat of unaffordability.

 Apartments are on course to overtake houses as the most common new homes in Australia’s biggest cities as young buyers and renters forgo the traditional backyard for tight living spaces in the inner suburbs.

The accumulation of ‘stuff’ has exceeded the space available, even though houses are much bigger. Over the last two decades, the demand for extra space has sustained a burgeoning self-storage industry, with 800-1000 facilities across Australia. A few years ago the self-storage industry in Australia was still in its infancy compared to the mature stage of the industry in the USA, but it has been growing at 10 per cent per annum, compared to an overall growth rate of the economy of 3-4percent, (http://www.tai.org.au/documents/dp_fulltext/DP49.pdf)

Generally franchisees flock to retail opportunities. Rightly so considering the Australian economy is dominated by it’s service sector, (comprising a massive 68% of GDP), (Tim Colebatch (24 October 2009). “Economic Irrationalism”. Sydney Morning Herald) moreover many astute business people are realizing the untapped potential of the self-storage market.

Why Supercheap Storage Stands out from the Rest!

Increasing population, congestion, housing prices and cost of living have undoubtedly resulted in an increased demand for self-storage. Yet the self-storage industry remains largely in the dark ages. Expensive warehouse fit outs and part service solutions are commonplace – just waiting for a revolution!

Supercheap Storage provides that revolution. Supercheap Storage delivers a unique, innovative relocation and storage service that eliminates the need for multiple providers and costly double handling. Expensive warehouse fit outs, operational inefficiencies and going at it alone are things of the past. Replaced at Supercheap Storage with regular ongoing support, group wide interaction and frequent innovation ensuring franchisee success.


By Cameron Robertson – B.Com. (Hons)