Why Choose Supercheap Storage ?

Here are the reason you should choose Supercheap Storage:

  • • We’re number 18 on the BRW Fast 100 list, which highlights the fastest growing companies in Australia.
    • Strong support from the Supercheap Storage central office – from day one we help you to set up the facility and guide you through the growth milestones.
    • Consistency of brand and consistency of offer – we believe consistency is the key to success.

What support does Supercheap Storage central office provide?

Your success is our success. Our franchisees can rely on a strong support system from Supercheap Storage Central Office.

  • • Training, including initial induction at the head office as well as ongoing programs, workshops and onsite visits.
    • Initial storage facility qualification and site selection
    • Real estate negotiation and demographics
    • Storage facility layout and design
    • Marketing design and support
    • Technology and software support
    • Business performance management and operational support


What size is the ideal Supercheap Storage warehouse

Supercheap Storage facilities generally grow fast and need to move to larger premises within the first twelve months of operation. Normally, you would start with a warehouse that is a minimum of 500m2.


Will I be given help to find my Supercheap Storage Facility

Before you commence, our leasing team will review all suitable sites in your territory with you. We will then estimate the projected revenue of a facility warehouse, help you to identify leasing deals, and offer assistance in negotiations with the agents.


What makes the ideal Supercheap Storage facility?

  • An ideal site is located near high density living areas. It will have prominent signage opportunities and have an internal clearance of at least 8 meters. Good vehicle access and parking is a must, and easy access to highways and freeways is ideal.


What is the term of the franchise

The term of the franchise is 10 years in total.

This is made up of a 5 + 5

How much money do I need

You would need $300,000 in combined cash and equity. If you are short of this, we would welcome business partnerships.

How does a Supercheap Storage facility create revenue.

  • Revenue is generated through storage fees, moving revenue, boxes and packaging, and insurance.


How much money will I make

Revenue is generated through storage fees, moving revenue, boxes and packaging, and insurance.

We would do a cash flow model with you before you sign up and then we will track you to the model on a quarterly basis.

How much training will I receive

Training at Supercheap Storage is ongoing. Initially we start with two weeks of training, both onsite and at the Supercheap Storage central office. We will provide ongoing support and additional training through workshops and online modules.


Do I get an operations manual

We provide an operations manual which is online. You will always have 24/7 access to the most current copy. We also have software manuals for your reference, and are available for support any time you have additional questions.


How much is the franchise fee

There is an initial fee which includes all training, setup and legals. This is $52,550 and allows you ten years to operate a Supercheap Storage facility.

There is also a monthly royalty which covers support, club monitoring and marketing.